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GR‐Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre boosts Robe inventory

GR‐Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR) is a bustling 23‐hall venue operating in the middle of the Slovenian capital, hosting a variety of national and international expos and trade fairs. It is also used for television productions, special live events, and some music concerts.

Recently, the venue has boosted its Robe moving light stock with the purchase of ESPRITES, LEDBeam 350s and LEDBeam 150s which have been added to their existing ParFects, Spiider LED wash beams, MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s. All this equipment has been delivered by Robe’s Slovenian distributor, MK Light Sound. “We own a quantity of equipment which is available site‐wide for different events as needed, and if more is required, we cross rent,” explained Boris Kutin, the venue’s head of AV and part of a technical team ensuring all GR productions are delivered smoothly and with high production values.

The ESPRITES were specified as a quality profile luminaire for their excellent white light, versatility, accurate shutter system and the remote beam shaping which can be executed via the lighting console. Also, because they are popular and commonly available in Slovenia thanks to the MK Light Sound’s proactivity and hard work. The initial batch of LEDBeam 150s proved so handy and useful that it made sense to get more. Providing fantastic power for the tiny size, they can be fitted into sets and stages almost everywhere!

The LEDBeam 350s were new to the venue. They were chosen as a solution to sit between the LEDBeam 150s and Spiiders. The excellent 3.8 to 60 degree zoom means they can be an effective wash light as well as a piercing beam and an efficient spot, while the compact size is perfect for events across all the spaces at GR, which are both large and small. “We need a full range of different lights at our disposal, that’s our strategy and this will shape our future investments,” confirmed Boris.

“We fully trust Robe’s quality and reliability as a brand,” confirms Boris when asked what they considered the main advantages of the ongoing investments. The team enjoys working with Robe fixtures when they are staging shows lit by their own LDs, and the brand is frequently requested on riders and technical specs and by visiting LDs coming to work at the venue for specific projects.

Boris added that technical back up and support is “obviously” another consideration, and they have full confidence in MK Light Sound taking care of this aspect of the relationship.

Photo © Louise Stickland


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