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GLP ignites Filip Jančík’s classical shows

Flamboyant Slovakian violinist Filip Jančík has a unique way of presenting his concerts, delivering inspired interpretations of a repertoire of TV/movie soundtracks and popular songs. Promoting his own shows, and surrounded by an ensemble of between seven and 25 musicians, his spectacular performances are further brought to life by lighting provided by GLP.

“I have been using a selection of GLP impression X4 L, impression X4 Bars, impression X4 S heads, or JDC1 to enhance the stage dynamics on my recent tours,” he confirms. “We typically rent these from Ministry Rental in Slovakia.”

The number of pieces deployed can range between 50 and 250 fixtures, depending on whether he is performing in the intimate setting of a small 600‐ cap. theatre, or a large 1,800‐seat concert hall. Jančík has also performed at much larger events, including the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games in 2015,which had a crowd of over 60,000 people.

At each venue the lighting is set up by the artist’s LD, Adam Chrenko, working in harmony with the in‐house lighting tech. Playing both live and to backing track Adam programmes and controls the show from a grandMA3 full‐size console. “He uses timecode, so that the light show enhances the emotions in sync to the music,” continues the artist. “In fact I believe that the lightshow is equally as important as the music itself, as we strive to create a truly immersive experience for our audiences.”

Of his relationship with GLP, he says: “I first discovered the company a few years ago and fell in love with their X4 Bars and JDC1 [hybrid strobes]. Since then, we have used their fixtures extensively. The quality of GLP’s LEDs and high output really impresses me, and I also appreciate the small, compact design of their products.The impression X4, for example, has a very small, ‘baseless’ design, which makes them easy to fit anywhere on the stage.”This provides a huge advantage, he says: “We often perform on small stages in unconventional venues or in unconventional settings, so the ability to fit the lights anywhere we need them is incredibly important. The small size and weight of the fixtures also makes them easy to transport and set up, which is a big plus for us on tour.”

The versatility of GLP products provides another huge plus point, he adds: “It means that we are able to use them in a variety of different configurations to create unique lighting effects.”

Photos © FilipJančík archive


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