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FiFi Sound invests in more Robe

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Based in the beautiful, ancient, and famous city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, FiFi Sound is a technical production and rental company specialising in live events which has made a solid commitment to investing in the best brands across all disciplines … including Robe for moving lights.

Founded by Ivica Bušić and Johnny Čučević in 2001, both bringing a wealth of previous industry experience plus some serious enthusiasm to the equation, FiFi Sound was always on a mission to provide the very best production equipment and technical services to Croatia’s vibrant live events market.

Lighting started modestly with various generics, dimmers, some LED and control, although as business grew rapidly, moving lights soon followed to ensure they could offer clients the most flexible options and most creative looking shows. Robe was the choice of brand right from the start, and the initial purchases were four ColorSpot and four ColorWash 575 AT moving lights. They were the first rental company in Croatia to purchase Robe’s breakthrough LEDWash 600 product, launched in 2010, a move that prompted several others to follow

With so many spring and summer season Croatian venues operating outdoors and some being in very challenging‐to‐access places and spaces, the light weight and low power consumption of lighting fixtures is a big consideration for Iviča and the team. He feels that Robe has kept ahead of the game with these features and has continued to design versatile fixtures that are usable almost anywhere.

There are currently around 80 x Robe fixtures in rental stock including Actor 6s, 600E Spots, LEDWash 600s, LEDBeam 150s, and Pointes as well as a couple of Robe haze machines which Johnny is always using on his shows!

The LEDBeam 150s were the most recent purchase at the end of 2019, and they together with the LEDWash 600s and Pointes are out constantly when the season is full‐ on. Obviously, 2020‐21 has been exceptional as the industry has grappled with Covid shutdowns and travel restrictions, but with the first green shoots of business revival on the horizon, Iviča and the team are positive that things will pick back up.
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