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Faber Audiovisuals installs ROE Visual at ReadySet Studios

With the launch of ReadySet Studios, the Dutch film industry offers a new high‐end virtual production location. The studio enables film and television producers in the Netherlands to use the advantages of virtual production. Through this innovative way of filming, traditional film sets can be expanded virtually using the latest techniques from the game industry. Faber Audiovisuals installed an ROE Visual LED wall to display these virtual backgrounds.

The ReadySet Studios, located in Amsterdam, opened its doors on 1 March 2022. Expanding the options for film and broadcast producers by offering virtual production techniques, the studio can display any desired background or environment on a vast LED screen. Virtual production is a promising technology that adds an efficient alternative to filming on location and considers sustainability. ReadySet Studios' main screen is 14 meters wide and 5.5 meters high; the studio offers a large LED ceiling and an additional mobile LED screen. The studio is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and is already in high demand for productions within the Netherlands and abroad.

Leading Dutch company Faber Audiovisuals was commissioned to deliver and install the high‐quality display technology. Selecting ROE Visual LED panels forthis job, Faber Audiovisuals installed ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2 on HELIOS processing for the main screen and Carbon series CB5 for the LED ceiling. "We have used ROE Visual LED panels on various virtual production installations, and the results are fantastic. Not only are the panels a breeze to install, but they also have a very reliable and stable performance; the final on‐camera results are second to none," comments Jeroen Jongenelen, International Sales Director for Faber Audiovisuals.

Photos © 2022 ReadySet Studios, Maikel Thijssen


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