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eventdrop invests in Voice-Acoustic again!

The German based event service provider eventdrop invests in further Voice- Acoustic sound equipment. With this, the company is sending a clear signal towards growth despite the difficult market situation.

Patrick Keimel, owner and CEO eventdrop explains his decision: "We have had very good experiences with the company Voice-Acoustic in recent years. I deliberately say company and not just products. For me, the overall package is always decisive when choosing a partner. The sound quality, the good handling with well thought-out hardware, high performance with compact dimensions and low weight is one side. On the other hand, consulting in complex sound reinforcement situations, good service and fast communication are just as important to me.

That was has always been the case with Voice-Acoustic, I could rely on that. With the investment in Voice-Acoustic Ikarray-8 Line-Array and Paveosub-115 we have a powerful and scalable sound reinforcement system that can be set up with just one person. I no longer have a loudspeaker in my warehouse that is heavier than 27 kg. In times of staff shortages, this was an important aspect. With its very compact design and only 36cm height, the Paveosub-115 makes a good figure even at small events, a subwoofer solution for all applications. With the new investment I can react very well to the fast-changing demands of my customers, especially in these difficult times.”

Voice-Acoustic investment list:

12 x Paveosub-115

6 x Ikarray-8 (4 x 100°x5°, 2 x 100°x15°) line-array with hardware

2 x Score-8

4 x Score-5

2 x Modular-10

2 x Easyfly-Mechanics

4 x Alea-4

2 x TE-071B top load truss lifts

2 x TL-A220 front load Line-Array lifts 3 x HDSP-3A, 3CH system amplifier 2 x HDSP-6A, 6CH system amplifier


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WhatsApp Image 2024-02-27 at 1.41.16 PM.jpeg
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