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ETC fos/4 adds the perfect emotion to Hong Kong productions

ETC fos/4 series fixtures are the luminaires dedicated to the studio and broadcasting market. Malo Ma, the young and budding gaffer in Hong Kong, has used fos/4 series in various video productions.

fos/4 Panel was used in a recent music video production sung by the rising female Hong Kong singer.

Malo leads the lighting of this video production.

The music video portrays how the girl pulls herself together from failures and challenges. fos/4 Panel Daylight HDR (8” x 24”) is used in a few shots in this music video. “The color is very natural. I like how the color‐mixing with deep red LEDs makes the skin color tone and other scenes look real and delicate,” commented Malo Ma.“ The lightning strikes effect is surprisingly real. It flashes naturally and makes the mood of the scenes better especially highlighting the complicated feeling in this song,” added Malo. Because of the good experience using the fos/4 Panel, Malo added fos/4 Fresnel to his gear list when he was preparing for a fashion video production. In this picture, Malo and his team were adjusting the color, angle, and brightness. “The brightness is good. And I like the intuitive and simple UI with the four backlit encoders, making it easy to change color and other settings quickly and accurately,” commented Malo.

Malo and his partners, Hero Pun, set up their own business, Come Roll Media Limited, in 2013 focusing on movie production and equipment rental. The young entrepreneurs are professionals from the filming industry and now expanding their reach to TV commercials, music videos, events, post‐production, and more.

Photos © Louise Stickland

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