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ESPRITE and RoboSpot systems for Cruising Odyssey

Robe ESPRITE luminaires and RoboSpot remote follow spotti ng systems – the first installed on an ocean‐going liner – are providing a neat and flexible solution for the Two70 Theatre space aboard the brand‐new 1,138 foot long, 169 gross tonne Odyssey of the Seas, the latest Ultra Quantum‐class ship launched by Royal Caribbean International. The technical specifications for the various onboard entertainment spaces were coordinated by Christopher Vlassopulos, Royal Caribbean’s sound, light and AV systems manager for new build projects. The installation was completed by media technology specialists and integrators, Amptown System Company (ASC).

When Chris saw the RoboSpot demonstrated by Robe North America’s technical sales specialist Peter Moore, he realized that this could be a perfect solution for Odyssey of the Seas’ 670 capacity venue, Two70. Two70 is featured on all four of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum‐class ships, and fitting traditional follow spots into these was always a challenge! Due to the steep angle of the seating banks, the follow spots had to be located amidst the audience resulting in seats being blocked off and the kit looking somewhat intrusive. When Chris realized that this could be averted with RoboSpot systems in place … he was delighted and arranged for a test demo. This went ahead aboard the “Celebrity Apex” vessel in St. Nazaire, France, organized by VHMS and Robe France with RCG show lighting manager Benjamin Couling in attendance, together with lighting designers Simon Harry and Nick Mugnaini.

Chris immediately changed the spec from the two traditional follow spots that were due to be installed aboard Odyssey for RoboSpots running in conjunction with the two ESPRITES. The moving lights feature Robe’s TE (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE) LED technology, which is another big plus for a cruise ship environment.

The next task for the ASC crew was to integrate the RoboSpots into the existing lighting infrastructure.

Their engineering and onsite teams worked together to ensure this was a seamless process. ASC lighting engineer Philipp Herbst commented, “the RoboSpot system freed up valuable audience space and brought the operators ‘backstage’,” which in this case is onto the catwalk above the ceiling.

The existing pipes and trusses were ideal for rigging the two ESPRITE moving light follow spots – no new positions had to be created – and with the venue using an extensive data distribution network, even rerouting the signals “was no big deal” stated Philipp.

Photos © Ingo Dombrowski


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