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Eric Church returns with The Gather Again Tour featuring Martin Professional lighting solutions

To bring stunning and immersive visuals to The Gather Again Tour, the Eric Church lighting crew selected the new and highly versatile Martin Professional MAC Ultra Performance LED fixtures for an intimate yet large‐scale lighting experience.

For the Eric Church lighting team, the main challenge was to design a rig that covered both the audience and the band in a way that reinforced the immersive and intimate nature of these shows while also providing the dexterity and coverage needed for arena‐ sized venues. The crew selected Martin MAC Ultra Performance LED moving‐head profile fixtures, making The Gather Again Tour the first to feature the lights.

The Gather Again Tour uses 24 MAC Ultra Performance lights in total, with twelve on each end of the arena facing toward the stage in the center. This placement allows for effective coverage around the audience while also providing fill lights for the band, which heightens the sense of community while still providing arena‐level spectacle.

“The MAC Ultra Performance is one of the most useful paintbrushes we've ever had on our table,” said Butch Allen, Lighting Designer, Eric Church. “The biggest element of any Eric Church show is the fact that we light the audience, because our backdrop is human. The crowd sees Eric, Eric sees the crowd, they feed off each other's energy and that's what really makes these shows so magical. The Ultra’s zoom range and consistent output even at its widest zoom allow us to use these 24 lights to light the room up in addition to the stage. Those 24 lights are probably the most prominent fixtures we use for effects in the entire show.”


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