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Emotion Coburg stocks up on more RTI high power laser systems of the latest generation

Emotion Coburg, a specialist company for professional laser shows and performances, has stocked up on more high‐end laser systems from Ray Technologies (RTI). “We are glad that we could extend our large stock of RTI PIKO and NANO devices further to meet the growing demand for these high performance systems.“ stated Stephan Guzik, owner of Emotion Coburg. “The performance of the latest RSL laser module technology of the second generation is breathtakingly good, which made our decision to do this significant investment now even easier”.

Four RTI NANO RYGB 35 laser systems as well as two RTI PIKO RYGB 35 laser systems, with a combination of RSL and OPSL laser sources, supplement the company’s stock. Emotion Coburg offers their equipment for dry hire as well as takes on full show productions. They have been working with RTI laser systems for many years and grown the stock over time.

“It’s great to see the appreciation for all the new developments we have done during the past years. The technological advantage with the latest RSL laser modules helps our customers, like Emotion Coburg, to extend their business on a global scale. Special and different patent‐pending technology makes these laser systems very reliable and durable. The OPSL and the RSL laser sources match up very well to create a homogenous and tight laser beam in the new RTI models” adds Martin Werner, CEO of the Laserworld Group.

Stefan Guzik: “A lot of events are upcoming, and the international business is growing rapidly. We could already test the new laser systems at a demanding multimedia‐ event just a few days ago, with stunning results!”

The physical limits of optics are a core challenge when it comes to development of high power laser systems. To create a thin beam with low divergence and maintaining a high scan speed at the same time are a goal that requires significant development effort and in‐depth knowledge. Ray Technologies have invested big into optical and electronics development during the pandemic with the goal to further stretch those physical limits. One result has been presented recently with the RTI NANO RGB 100, and many more are upcoming, according to Martin Werner.


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