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Elation KL Profile FC™

High CRI framing fixture with zoom also a highly versatile wash luminaire

Elation Professional is simplifying ellipsoidal lighting with the new, all‐in‐ one KL Profile FC™. Designed for the ultimate in flexibility and performance, the KL Profile FC combines everything a designer needs in one innovative package, eliminating the need for additional lighting accessories and making it the most convenient and cost‐effective ellipsoidal lighting solution on the market.

RGBMA LED engine The KL Profile FC offers full‐spectrum performance from a 92 CRI engine that utilizes a 305W 5‐color homogenized LED array of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources. The RGBMA engine, calibrated at a native color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, emits beautifully diffused saturates and soft‐ field pastels, including tunable white light. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction while delivering a powerful output of 10,600 lumens.

Color management

High color quality and color manipulation are central to the KL Profile FC, ensuring that designs translate well to camera. The unit can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta through a green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library.

Virtual color correction from 2400K ‐ 8500K plus CMY and RGB emulation give designers access to an impressive LED color array including beautiful mixed whites. Capable of matching the white balance for camera, users can easily shift the color temperature without the use of plus/minus green gels and filters. Additionally, the LED refresh rate is DMX adjustable so there is no flickering when used with high‐ speed cameras. The fixture’s enhanced optical design and lens coatings ensure precise and razor‐sharp projections, removing all unwanted color shifting and aberrations in all zoom, focus or framing positions. Dimming of the LED engine is smooth and stepless with variable 16‐bit dimming curve modes available to suit any application.

Beam control

With an integrated manual zoom range of 7° to 50°, the KL Profile FC requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost and complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any performance venue or show. The fixture allows for manual rotation of the barrel and the integrated manual iris allows for further beam control. A full blackout manual framing system lets users refine the beam shape as needed and frame around objects to be highlighted.

Gobo slot / Designer Gobo Set

The fixture includes a 16‐bit rotating/indexing gobo slot for versatile imaging and ships with the KL Profile Designer Gobo Set, containing 10 high‐ resolution glass gobos. The integrated gobo slot is easily accessible from the top of the fixture. The unit includes a 7.5" gel frame and 7.5" front accessory holder, and an optional Fresnel Wash Lens Conversion Kit allows users to utilize the fixture as a framing wash.

The KL Profile FC has also been designed with respect for the whisper‐ quiet requirements of the professional stage and studio. Exceptionally quiet, it offers enhanced fan controls down to Elation’s Mute Mode, which disables the internal cooling fan.

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