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Elation KL Panel XL™ - Full-color-spectrum LED soft light with multi-zone control

Broadcast designers of all types have been turning to Elation’s color temperature‐adjustable KL Panel™ for high‐quality soft light illumination since it first hit the market in 2020. Quickly adopted as an ideal full‐color‐spectrum LED soft light, a new XL version of the broadcast‐quality luminaire is now available that extends the size of the original while emitti ng nearly twice the power and offering multi‐ zone control for dynamic effects.

The new KL Panel XL™ LED soft light delivers with superior output, precise color temperature control, full‐spectrum color rendering and an even wash coverage.

Beautiful soft white or full‐color washes

Using a highly‐efficient 544W RGBW+ Lime + Cyan LED Array, the KL Panel XL produces beautifully soft white or full‐color washes up to 44,000 field lumens at a 100° half‐ peak angle. Color reproduction is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera with a CRI of 95 while color temperature is easily adjustable from 2,000 to 10,000K for a wide choice of variable color or white shade projections. Additional color tuning is possible through a green‐shift adjustment and virtual gel library to more precisely match the white balance for the camera.

Multi‐zone control

The KL Panel XL’s LED array includes multi‐zone control for dynamic color access, visually interesting eye‐candy and realistic reproduction of effects like fire, lightning, emergency vehicle flashes or a variety of strobe effects.

Other useful design features

Besides its wide spectrum of chromatic options, this dynamic soft light luminaire includes other useful design features like smooth 16‐bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes for programming ease, as well as a high‐speed electronic shutter and strobe. Measuring 30.1 in/763.8 mm (L) x 12.05 in/306mm (H), a 4x2‐section control option provides additional creative capabilities for color effects and visual impact.

A diffuser is included for even softer projections as are adjustable and removable 8‐leaf barn doors that allow for customized shaping of the beam and less light spill.

Fully optimized for broadcast Virtually silent, the KL Panel XL is fully optimized for broadcast and film environments with 900‐ 25000Hz LED refresh rate adjustment for flicker free operation.

Power and control options

The KL Panel XL is fully self‐ contained without the need for an external power supply and offers power pass through for easy linking of multiple units.

The fixture can be powered remotely through its integrated 4‐pin XLR 24‐36 VDC battery input (battery not included).

Professional control options include DMX/RDM, Art‐NET and sACN.

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