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Elation helps recreate iconic Pink Floyd looks on Brit Floyd World Tour 2021

Forced from the road in early 2020 due to the pandemic, Brit Floyd, ‘The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Show,’ is back after kicking off a world tour July 29th at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado beneath an all Elation lighting rig.

The tour is produced and promoted by UK‐based CMP Entertainment, who own and supply all of the Elation gear. Elation has enjoyed an excellent relationship with CMP over the years and many of Brit Floyd’s past tours have featured Elation gear.

Chas Cole of CMP Entertainment comments: "Eric Loader was supportive of Brit Floyd in its early days with great product at a great price and even though we’ve worked the equipment really hard it’s held together really well and allowed us to produce a great light show year after year."

Mark Jacobson has been designing lighting for Brit Floyd since their 2019 tour and says there is no single designer for the show but has been the work of several designers over many years.

The lighting design for the mostly time‐coded show is consistent with that of the shortened 2020 outing with a few adjustments made before the tour launched. Besides the circle truss of DARTZ, Smarty Hybrid™ spot/beam/wash units populate back and side trusses with more at a floor position. Platinum 5R Beams™ work from straight trusses up in the air while Platinum 5R Beam Extremes™ provide big aerial effects from floor positions. Platinum FLX™ on front truss provide profile looks while ACL Bar 360s™ work from ground towers. ZW19™ beam/wash effects and Chorus Line 16™ pixel bar washes add color and effect.

Protron™ strobes, both white light and color versions, and Cuepix Blinder WW2s™, provide pupil‐ constricting flares of light.

Handling U.S. tour support in the form of a 24‐count motor package with distro and cabling, along with professional tour labor support, is Performance Lighting of Chicago.

Elation Gear

32 x DARTZ 360™

18 x Smarty Hybrid™

16 x Platinum Beam 5R™

7 x Platinum FLX™

8 x Platinum Beam 5R Extreme™

16 x Cuepix Blinder WW2™

10 x Chorus Line 16™

10 x ACL Bar 360™

29 x ZW19™

10 x Protron 3K™

4 x Protron 3K Color™

Photo © Todd Jolicoeur

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