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Elation Fuze Teatro Framing fixture that is a master of silent performance

Elation Professional is pleased to offer the meticulous lighting designer the Fuze Teatro, a discreet and refined moving head luminaire that can be used to visually craft any scene without drawing attention to itself. Designed for any application where a noiseless, fully‐ automated framing fixture with full‐ spectrum color range and quality is required, the Fuze Teatro is fanless for completely silent operation. Output is notably impressive and the feature set as well.


Problem solved

Illuminating the performing arts with automated luminaires has traditionally been a challenge. The technology required to provide the desired lighting levels, color quality and remote positioning usually creates unwanted noise from fans, mechanical color mixing modules and other components, making their use in carefully‐designed acoustical venues less than ideal. The Fuze Teatro has addressed these concerns with a fanless design and soundless color mixing system that makes it ideal for noise‐sensitive environments. The convection‐cooled system ensures absolute silence, and because less dust and other particles are not being distributed throughout the luminaire, it results in lower maintenance and a longer product life.

Full‐spectrum, quiet color mixing

The Fuze Teatro is the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive color engine, which further reduces noise levels compared to conventional CMY systems. The 480W homogenized RGBMA LED array with CRI of 92 offers outstanding color rendering capability, calibrated white points and a full‐spectrum color gamut from soft pastels to intense primaries. The carefully‐tuned LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction and dynamic whites from 2400 ‐ 8500K while delivering a powerful output of up to 15,000 lumens out of a large 140mm front aperture. The RGBMA LED array is the same color mixing system as found in other Elation Fuze and KL series fixtures for a perfect color match.

The extraordinary advantage for this class of silent fixture is the Teatro’s complete lack of any mechanics, as all color is created through the LED array. In addition to the noiseless operation, the need for cleaning and maintenance of a complex color mixing system has been removed. The Teatro also premixes all color in its engine, removing unwanted color shifts and artifacts on gobo images or framing cuts. Never before has such a precise and refined color system been available in a convection‐cooled fixture design. Virtual color temperature, Magenta/Green adjustment plus CMY or RGB emulation provide the designer with immediate access to the impressive LED color array. The fixture’s enhanced optical design and lens coatings ensure precise and razor‐sharp projections, removing all unwanted color shifting and aberrations in all zoom, focus, or framing positions.

Creative feature set

A wide zoom range from 7° to 50° allows for expansive washes of gorgeous color or zoom tight to project a powerful, tangible shaft of narrow light. A full blackout framing system provides full control of the beam shape when required. Dual rotating gobo wheels, animation wheel, dual frosts, dual prisms, iris and high‐speed electronic shutter and strobe round out its comprehensive feature set in this quiet and extremely powerful automated framing fixture.

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