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EESA takes an industry‐redefining stand on rigging safety

Assertively commissions India’s first‐ ever internationally recognized rigging certification masterclass to a rousing response; and follows up with an exceptionally successful training seminar on chain safety

The Event Equipment Services Association (EESA) is India’s leading not‐ for‐profit national organization dedicated to promoting a structured, secure, and progressive business environment for and within the event equipment rental services industry and the event technical services industry in India. And the association has consistently promoted endeavours and initiatives that look to empower its members with crucial knowledge and resources that elevate the standards of not just individual businesses, but the entire event industry at large.

Recognizing the alarming rise in mishaps at events due to gross negligence and an unacceptable disregard for safety standards and protocols; EESA took a resolute stance on the matter, with the belief that a tangible difference could only be achieved by actively disseminating high‐quality knowledge and information on this crucial subject. Therefore, EESA planned and commissioned a comprehensive line‐up of education endeavours that spotlighted strict adherence to safety protocols across disciplines of rigging and trussing.

These initiatives delved into the deepest details of upholding the highest standards of professionalism, and demonstrated how following such industry standards and protocols can ensure the safety and well‐being of all stakeholders present at an event site.

To begin with; in a first of its kind initiative to take place in the country, EESA has successfully organized India’s first ever internationally recognized rigging certification masterclass – an endeavour that aimed to equip participants with in‐depth knowledge and skills necessary to safely and efficiently rig stages and equipment for events of all scales and applications.

The initiative was conceptualized and spearheaded by proud EESA members Mr Anil Balakrishna from Graflex Inc, Mr Mankaran Singh from Men‐At‐Work‐ Stagecraft, and Mr Avishkar Tendle of Natura Outdoor Education & Training Solutions – who worked together on organizing every minute detail of the masterclass.

With industry leader brands Global Truss and Broadweigh extending their invaluable support to the masterclass as Lead Sponsor and Premium Sponsor respectively; the multi‐city educational endeavour was curated and presented by globally respected industry veteran Mr. Harold Waldack, Managing Director of ICRCsarl France, ICRS Middle East and Asiarig Co. Ltd, Thailand; who has conducted multiple rigging trainings across the world over the course of his illustrious carrier.

The first leg of the masterclass session took place in Mumbai from 28th May 2023 to 1st June 2023 and was hosted at the business premises of Electrocraft – a proud EESA member; whereas the second leg of the masterclass which took place in Bangalore from 3rd June 2023 to 7th June 2023, was hosted at the business premises of Graflex Inc. The masterclass in the respective cities was spread over the course of 5 days each, and involved a meticulously designed mix of theoretical and practical curriculum.

Catering exclusively to registered members of EESA; the course curriculum covered crucial topics such as Risk Assessment, Rigging Basics, Calculations, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Hoist Technology & Controllers, etc; and participants gotthe opportunity to learn some of the most essential aspects of rigging which includes dealing with different types of rigging hardware, load calculations, and proper rigging techniques; in addition to learning about international standards in safety protocols and best practices while constructing ground structures, and while working at heights and around heavy equipment. Mr Mankaran Singh of Men‐At‐Work Stagecraft and Mr Avishkar Tendle and his team at Natura provided invaluable experiential insights on various facets of rigging, with their knowledge contributions expertly complementing the wealth of knowledge shared by Mr Harold Waldack himself.

The end of 5‐day intensive training schedule witnessed the participants knowledge on the subject matter being put to the test via a theoretical examination, which was curated and approved by Mr Harold Waldack himself. And participants who were able to successfully clear the examination were provided with a certificate of completion authenticated by Mr Harold Waldack; which officially grants them the distinction of being one of India’s first internationally recognized certified rigging professionals.

Speaking about the successful culmination of India’s first ever internationally recognized rigging

certification masterclass organized by EESA; Mr Felix Remedios, President of the Event Equipment Services Association (EESA) exclaims, “We at EESA are extremely proud of the successful commissioning of India's first internationally recognized rigging certification masterclass. This initiative showcases the dedication and collaborative spirit of our esteemed EESA members, who have taken the lead in promoting safety and professionalism within the event equipment industry. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Mr. Anil Balakrishna, Mr. Mankaran Singh, and Mr. Avishkar Tendle for their visionary approach in organizing this masterclass and ensuring its resounding success.

We are also grateful to our sponsors, Global Truss and Broadweigh, for their generous support, which played a vital role in bringing this masterclass to fruition. Their commitment to enhancing rigging standards and

fostering professional development is truly commendable. At the same time, we also would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to Mr Harold Waldack – one of the world’s most respected professionals in the field of rigging and safety – for taking the time and effort to share his invaluable wealth of knowledge and expertise with our members. And finally, to each participant who attended the masterclass – each of them is now at the helm of leading a positive revolution within the live event fraternity in India when it comes to safety and professionalism.”

Hot on the heels of India’s first‐ever internationally recognized rigging certification masterclass; EESA worked together with it’s EESA Platinum Partners – ChainMaster; a global leader in chain hoist technology – to offer a comprehensive educational seminar on the topic of ‘Chain Safety in Electric Chain Hoists’. urated and presented by Mr Adam Beaumont, product manager, ChainMaster; the session was conducted online on 22nd June 2023, and witnessed a rousing turn‐out of over 48 different event equipment service providers from across India tuning in to learn more about the topic. During the session, Adam explained about the various nuances of chain safety, the importance of regular inspection of chains, and various other

intricate aspects concerning the overall maintenance of chains. Through a perfectly balanced mix of theoretical and practical demonstrations, Adam explained how equipment service providers can leverage the value proposition of chain hoist systems by simply paying attention to its regular maintenance and upkeep; and how this simple act can definitively enhance the safety and security of not just crew members working on‐site, but also on‐ stage performers and the audience‐ members at large.

“EESA remains committed to promoting excellence and safety in event services, and the fact that we followed up the industry re‐defining first ever rigging certification masterclass with such a high‐quality education session on chain safety represents a significant step towards achieving that goal. We are grateful to our EESA Platinum Partners – ChainMaster – and to Mr Adam Beaumont, for taking the time and effort to put together such a wonderfully informative curriculum, which I’m sure has benefitted all the companies who attended the session. EESA is committed to delivering such exceptional initiatives that empower our industry professionals and elevate India's event landscape to new heights” concludes Mr Felix Remedios.


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