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E'spec Inc. had a successful exhibition and lighting show which is focused on Silver Star luminaires

Silver Star's Japanese distributor E'spec Inc hosted the professional audio & professional lighting exhibition "kizaiten2023" and made a great show. It was held in Tokyo and Osaka for a total of four days. The lighting show attended by more than 1,000 industry insiders contributed to the promotion of Silver Star's new products and technologies.

Among the new products, NEPTUNE 300 WBS and PLUTO 8000 WBX are the most popular products! Both two models are adopting RGBL LED source, comparing with the same range RGBW moving wash, the RGBL is 30% brighter; not only the RGBL has a wider color spectrum but also higher CRI reaching to 85Ra. And most of the visitors said, both 2 products will become the leading product in this market!

Also the NEPTUNE550HYB, it is the new launched product which is very popular in the market as well. It is adopting 450W high efficient LED hybrid, with CMY color mixing and non‐stop animation wheel, which can provide lots of vividly effect, like a living fire, ocean, cloudy. It has amazing narrow zoom 2.8° can make a strong beam effect, the wide zoom angle 33° can be an even wash as well. It is a very competitive product in the current market!

For the ECLIPSE PRIME HEX, it is full spectrum Ellipsoidal with CCS technology, which can make sure the color consistency. And it has a super high Ra and R9, greater than 95; and it has different sections of PWM, can achieve no flickering at all. It is a perfect product for theatrical, studio, TV and multi‐function hall!


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