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Dinos gives Robe MegaPointes thumbs up!

Dynamic Frenchrapper Dinos played a special high‐profile one‐off gig at Paris’s famous Accor Arena to celebrate the launch of his latest studio album, Hiver à Paris. For his first show at this prestigious venue, lighting designer Damien Dufaitre from BlackMoon Design created a unique environment with 90 x Robe MegaPointes at the core of the concept.

Damien has worked with Dinos for some time, and his primary goal for this show was to keep the visuals pacey, lively, and provocative, yet raw and elegant to match the spirit and essence of Dinos’ music, which was very much at the centre of the performance. “It was all about showcasing him and his music,” he confirms.

He proposed an in‐the‐round concept with a central rectangular stage, covered in a video floor representing "a path of light", like the way runways are sometimes used in fashion shows. Above this was a 4‐sided ‘crown’ of 18 x 4 metre blow‐through LED mimicking the similar18 metre wide by 7 metre deep stage dimensions below.

Video content for the floor and the upper surface was created by BlackMoon working with another digital studio, The Vandals, with all collateral commissioned and carefully curated by Damien, who developed lighting and video in tandem.

When it came to lighting, he needed brightness and impact, so MegaPointe was an obvious choiceas a key element of the rig. The MegaPointes, supplied along with the rest of the lighting and technical production by DuShow, were positioned around the top of the screen trusses and the floor of the stage, framing the show from two very different perspectives. More were also rigged on structures high above the screens that were invisible to the audience to preservethe pure and stark look of the stage that was centralto the show. MegaPointes were chosen for their blistering intensity, excellent beams, and multiple features for creating effects and enhancing the depth of the performance space.

Brightness and punch were essential to the specific lighting and video combination look that Damien crafted to define the show.

A row of 15 MegaPointes were positioned above the centre of the stageonabridgeandusedforshooting beams out and around the arena and audience, as well as for close work and tight beams directly above Dinos and his guests. These same fixtures were also used for interplay with the semi‐ transparent top video screens.

Lighting equipment for the show was supplied and installed by leading French rental company DuShow, with video provided by Alabama Media.

Working alongside Damien at FOH was programmer Ugo Culetto, also from BlackMoon Design. DuShow’s lighting crew were Etienne Stoll, Brice Bennabi, Romain Barrey and Jean Christophe Rachesboeuf; the DuShow project manager was Régis Nguyen, and the overall production was co‐ordinated and organised by Noueva Productions/ Live Nation.


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