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Creatiq gets PAINTE‐ing with Robe

Creatiq celebrated 2023 in style as the very first company in France to offer Robe’s new compact and powerful PAINTE moving light in a rental fleet based in Noeux‐les‐Mines in the Hauts de France. The 12 new PAINTES are joined by 16 x new Robe LEDBeam 350s ordered simultaneously to complete a flexible and dynamic new investment package which has already been busy on numerous shows and events.

Driving this move was Creatiq’s Cristophe Pawliszko, now the sole owner of the company he originally founded in 2006, then as one of six partners. Creatiq is known for its imagination and attention to detail. It supplies full production packages – backline, sound, lighting, structure, stages and video – for a diversity of shows and events from concerts to corporates, awards shows and other presentations and ceremonies. Typically Creatiq will also provide stage, lighting, sound and production design as part of their full production service package, and this is what prompted Cristophe to purchase the PAINTEs and the LEDBeam 350s. The small size, speed and enhanced features and versatility of both types of fixtures – and their compatibility to work in tandem as hard‐edged and wash luminaires – make them ideal for the company’s workflow and MO. Cristophe already knew Robe fixtures were tough and reliable, as they had previously invested in some LEDWash 600s a few years ago, so he and his team of 5 full time employees plus regular freelancers were all certain that these newer products were “a safe bet.” “These lights are also in high demand,” he noted, adding that investment decisions are partly informed by demand. “People are definitely asking for them – PAINTE is an adaptable and well‐engineered product that adds great value to our company.”

Another big bonus is that the PAINTE has been specifically designed for lighting camera and video based environments with features like Robe’s Cpulse™ flicker free management for HD and UHD cameras. Most events now will involve some degree of recording, streaming or broadcast element. They also liked the possibility of two gobo wheels and the framing shutters and the quality of light coming out of the fixture. Cristophe is also very happy to be the first PAINTE rental fleet in France! “It’s always exciting to be at the forefront of trends, and we are convinced that these products will soon be prolific!” he commented, qualifying that sometimes taking the risk on a new range of equipment can be outweighed by re‐investing in kit with which you are familiar. “This is where we absolutely trust in Robe, the quality of their equipment, and naturally the excellent backup and support we receive from Robe France. We knew that PAINTES and LEDBeam 350s were absolutely the right move!”


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