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CLF Sera BATT - Superior LED Wash

  • 16‐bit technology for high‐ resolution colours and dimming

  • Battery runtime options: MAX power,4,5,6,8,10,12 hours

  • 17.5° beam and 31,4°field angles without diffuser

  • Magneticsmart filter system

  • Smart controlled fans for optimized low noise operation

  • W‐DMX, RDM, Standalone modes

  • IP 65 rating for dustproof and outdoor use

  • RGBL and RGBW DMX control mode

The CLF Sera BATT is an extremely powerful battery powered LED wash fixture which is perfectfor illuminating large surfaces both in‐ and outdoor.

Extreme brightness and an extraordinary even projection make the Sera BATT a true LED alternative for traditional wash lights. The array of 21 calibrated high power RGBL LEDs is divided in three individually controllable horizontal segments.

The Sera BATT is equipped with the latests battery technology. A Long‐life super capacity lithium‐ion battery ensures reliable operation. This technology together with the battery management system prevents over charging and exhaustive discharge.

The Sera BATT is equipped with a punchy 17.5° beam angle, which can be easily adapted to other beam angles, even elliptical, by using the Magnetic Smart Filter System.

The Sera BATT comes with an intelligent silent cooling system which provides extensive fancontrol and is especially useful for TV and theatre use. All in all, the Sera BATT is a versatile LED wash that can be used for many applications.

The CLF Sera BATT comes optional with a filter frame, barn door and a Wireless Solution/Lumen W‐DMX receiver on board, but can also be connected with 5‐pin XLR connectors and many sophisticated stand alone functions. Power is connected through a PowerCON TRUE1 connector.

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