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Clear‐Com® Station‐IC™ - Virtual Desktop Client for LQ Series of IP Interfaces

Clear‐Com®’s new

Virtual Desktop Client, a Mac‐ and Windows‐based software application, is now available for the LQ® Series of IP interface devicesas well as Clear‐Com’s Eclipse® Digital intercom Matrix. Full integration with the wide variety of LQ interfaces offers channel‐based routing which allows Station‐IC to connect to Clear‐Com’s Encore® Partyline systems, TW Partyline, HelixNet, Two‐Way radios, SIP telephone lines, GPIO signaling and to any other intercom, or audio, system via four‐wire.

Bringing Agent‐IC’s intuitive UI to the desktop, Station‐IC allows LQ users to assign up to 24 Channels with individual Talk and Listen keys and level control as well as optional Call signal, LQ Network Control Events and Remote Mic Kill keys for the individual channel.

Stations‐IC's Flexible application window can be scaled to the Desktop while the Compact Mode allows users to access their most important keys for the minimum space. Incoming Call signals are shown on a dedicated Reply key and in the Notifications of the Mac or Windows Operating System.

Designed to be quick to deploy with a straightforward configuration process and minimal network configuration, users can be communicating in a matter of minutes.

Clear‐Com offers Station‐IC Event and Subscription licenses to better meet the needs of a broad range of applications. For production companies who need to ramp up their intercom instances for a one‐ off event or other users who need intercom capabilities for a shorter amount of time, the Event license is a cost‐effective and flexible solution available in one‐week or one‐month increments. For Broadcast studios, theaters, and other users who will be using Station‐IC as part of their everyday workflow, the annual Subscription license offers a lower cost‐per‐day and the ability to be transferred between computers as needed.

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