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Clear-Com CC-28 - Premium lightweight headset

A premium lightweight headset designed for excellent audio quality, comfort and ease of use.


The CC‐28 premium lightweight headsets feature high performance headphones and cardioid dynamic microphones that provide high quality audio and modern styling.

Integrated Mute Switch Operation The CC‐28 headset microphones can be turned on and off by moving the microphone boom.

To turn ON the microphone, pull the boom gently downwards (past the 10 o’clock/2 o’clock position).

To turn the microphone OFF, push the boom gently upwards (above the 10 o’clock/2 o’clock position).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single closed back, lightweight headset

  • Over‐the‐head design

  • Flexible gooseneck microphone positioning

  • Leatherette earpad

  • Dynamic microphone

  • 100Hz to 14kHz earphone frequency response

  • Boom Rotation ON/OFF switch for quick microphone muting

  • Fully serviceable

Tap / Click the link below to visit the Clear‐Com website

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