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Chromateq Global Remote Control

Chromateq announces upgrades to its CQSA‐E interface that deliver the ability to take control of installed Chromateq systems anywhere on the globe. This new WEB remote feature is only be available on CQSA‐E models manufactured September 2021 or later. Earlier hardware will not be compatible with this new feature. Previous CQSA‐E upgrades enabled wireless configuration and control using the Wi‐Light 2 app over a local WiFi network. Now Chromateq's newest CQSA‐E upgrade expands that remote control capability to include any Internet‐connected device running Chromateq software or apps from any location in the world. • Remotely program CQSA‐E controllers and light shows from anywhere • Configure the CQSA‐E remotely from any smartphone, tablet or computer • Update firmware and perform project maintenance remotely • No additional hardware or software required and no monthly fees The new CQSA‐E delivers an affordable solution for remote project management while retaining all of the features that make this multiprotocol hub such a versatile tool: • DMX: In/Out, Split, Merge, Record, Trigger, Stand Alone playback • Art‐ Net & sACN: In/Out, Record, Node (Art‐Net/sACN to DMX converter), Stand Alone playback • Stand Alone Triggers: RTC (Real‐Time Clock), Calendar, Dry contacts, JSON, UDP and Infrared • Software Triggers: MIDI, Sound‐ to‐Light, BPM, UDP.

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