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CHAUVET Professional onAir IP

CHAUVET Professional’s new onAir IP series delivers a stellar performance on location regardless of rain, dust, heat, or snow. The first fully IP65 series of soft light LED panels, these all‐weather fixtures are ideally suited to move from indoor to outdoor projects, including music videos, red carpet events and on location remotes.

Available in three sizes, the onAir IP offers an effective broadcast lighting solution for a variety of setups, including close ups, as well as projects filmed in small to medium quarters. All three models in the onAir IP family have a 90+ CRI and equally impressive TM‐30 score, as well as +/‐ Green adjustment, and onboard emulated red‐ shift control via CRMX wireless control and DMX. The largest of the three, the onAir IP Panel 2, is a 2x1 format 372W panel that delivers 23,000 peak lumens. Next in size is the 200W onAir IP Panel 1, which is a 1x1 format panel that provides over 12,000 peak lumens, while the smallest fixture in the family, the 49W onAir IP Panel Min, produces over 2,500 peak lumens and has a

removable PSU.


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