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CHAUVET Professional helps deliver compact, but powerful show for Scotty McCreery

It is an equation that every production team has had to balance: how to create big, bold, dynamic looks on stage, while still meeting practical considerations, like fitti ng your powerful touring rig into the allotted trailer space. The creatives behind the stage design for Scotty McCreery’s current 31‐city North American Damn Strait tour is achieving this balance in stunning fashion, creating an eye‐ popping show night after night with a rig that fits in a single trailer! Helping them make this happen is a design that cleverly uses rolling carts and upstage downlighting, along with well‐placed specials to enlarge looks, along with a potent, yet compact, lighting rig that features 24 CHAUVET Professional Rogue fixtures, owned by the former American Idol winner.

“The big thing about this show is we wanted to be able to create ‘WOW’ moments, but also fit everything into a single semi‐truck,” said Drew Hornback, Scotty McCreery’s lighting director. Contributing to the sense of intensity on stage is the dramatic backlighting from the carts positioned across the upstage deck. This design was originally introduced to the production five years ago by Adam Duncan and reworked this year, in terms of cart placement and decking, by Hornback. Also new to this year’s design are 16 Rogue R2X Wash fixtures. The moving wash, which is powered by 19 25‐watt RGBW LEDs, was added to the rig for the tour.

Photo © Stephanie Graham


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