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Cameo OPUS X Profile and F4 FC light up German Environmental Award 2021

On October 10, the Darmstadtium Wissenschafts‐ und Kongresszentrum in Darmstadt hosted the presentation of the German Environmental Award2021. As in previous years, L&S GmbH & Co. KG Veranstaltungs‐ und Messetechnik was the general contractor and was responsible for event technology at the German Environmental Award. For the first time, it used Cameo OPUS X Profile and F4 FC spotlights.

“The entire event is sustainable,” explains Tobias Berghaus, Managing Partner at L&S. "We generate hardly any waste and have designed stage structures that are completely reusable. The same goes for the energy‐saving LED wall and the lighting.” With this in mind, L&S and lighting designer Christian “Rocketchris” Glatthor avoided using any incandescent halogen lamps in the hall.

“The special thing this year is that static white light was not used for stage lighting. In this area, we used moving lights for everything,” says Glatthor. This task was performed by Cameo OPUS X Profiles, which were used both for camera white light at the individual stage positions and also as effect lighting. Furthermore, 16 Cameo F4 FC RGBW LED Fresnel spotlights ensured a warm and soft brightening light (4,000 K) in the front rows of the audience.

For Christian Glatthor, the main advantage of LED multi‐level lenses – such as the F4 FC – is the straightforward intensity control: “With a halogen multi‐level lens, the light will eventually turn red when dimming down,” he says. “This does not happen with LEDs. When I need things to get darker, I can simply readjust the colour temperature with great accuracy.”


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