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Breda Universities' Games & Media opens research center with ROE Visual

ROE Visual and Dutch‐based Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) announce their partnership to enhance knowledge about virtual production and XR stages for an upcoming generation of content creators by opening a virtual production research center. ROE Visual will support this Game Development University with high‐ end LED products to enable its students to work in a full‐fledged XR stage environment.

The partnership focuses on the development of a virtual production research center. Here content for XR Stages can be developed, and students can test the interaction of content playout systems with the LED wall. The students will have access to high‐end virtual production technology, equivalent to what is currently used in film studios and XR stages all over the globe.

BUas will be the first university on the EU continent to have a full‐ fledged XR stage available for its students. Academy for Games and Media lecturers Carlos Santos and Stephen Paine are both thrilled about thepartnership.

"The availability of and access to an XR Stage for research and development that comprises products that are not only used in the professional work field but are also highly acclaimed is a huge incentive for our students. It's a great tool to increase their knowledge and take their performance to the next level," states Dr. Santos, Game Development lecturer.

ROE Visual has supplied Diamond DM2.6 LED panels for the walls, Carbon series CB5 for a LED ceiling, and a HELIOS LED processing platform.

"We're very excited that our students are having access to the best and most up‐to‐date equipment available in the industry right now. With this set, we even have access to the GhostFrame technology, allowing us to research and explore all the creative and technological aspects of virtual production", comments Paine, Creative Business lecturer.

Photos © BUas

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