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Blaze Audio is excited to announce its partnership with AV Distribution Asia

Blaze Audio specialize in solutions for the commercial audio market. We power the exceptional sound performance demanded in commercial locations, and we deliver the technology, quality and reliability expected by the professional audio market. The Danish based brand design and engineer the PowerZone series of install amplifiers.

The first generation of PowerZone amps are designed to provide configurable, reliable, high performance power amplification. Our range of compact amplifiers are powerful for their size yet packed with useful and innovative features. For example, any output channel can be independently configured to drive either Low‐Z (4/8 ohm) or High‐Z (70V/100V) loads ‐ giving complete flexibility at install. They also have automatic power sharing ‐ so the total available power can be shared across the channels.

The brand new PowerZone Connect is a full matrix DSP embedded install amp that’s controlled via an intuitive web app. So ‐ you can set up and configure any system from your phone, tablet, or laptop. The PowerZone Control software allows all input, output, and multi‐zone management from the smart web app.

Thomas Marcher, Managing Director of AV Distribution Asia, commented; “We are pleased to be working with Blaze in the APAC region. Their portfolio of great products with neat features ‐ combined with a very strong commercial offer is a perfect fit for the market. I’m looking forward to speaking to many new partners across the region to discuss developing the Blaze brand in the coming years.’’

George Tennet, VP Global Sales for Blaze Audio, commented; ‘’Thomas and AV Distribution has the knowledge, experience, and network to build our distribution and help us to start‐up, grow and long term support our partners in the market. The Blaze team is looking forward to supporting our journey together’’.


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