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Baidu Live House installed with NEXT‐proaudio in China

The Teacher Wu Rongzong was invited to upgrade the system for the famous Baidu Live House. The owner requested to create a top‐ notch sound field effect on an international scale, and Mr. Wu immediately thought about NEXT‐ proaudio system he knows very well for a long time.

Taiwan’s senior sound engineer Wu Rongzong has been engaged in live sound reinforcement and fixed installation for more than 30 years. More than ten years ago, Mr. Wu was recommended by a friend in Germany and learned about NEXT‐ proaudio sound reinforcement system from Portugal. The abundant and delicate energy and enthusiastic sense of music immediately moved him. At that time, there was no agent in China, so Mr. Wu bought a NEXT‐proaudio sound system in Germany. So, with his familiarity with NEXT‐proaudio products and careful planning and simulation of the sound field, Mr. Wu personally designed, selected, and setup the system. The main PA consists in a line array of 3 LA122+LA122w each side. The matching sub‐frequency are 2 LAs118 also flown and 16 Las418G on the ground to deliver the ultra‐low frequencies.

Two LA122+LA122w were used as a delay system. The side field fill uses the most classic point source X series, with two X15 in total. There are also 2 LAm114xA as stage monitors.

In order to ensure the best results from the system, the power amplifiers used were the Powersoft X series recommended by the manufacturer ‐ NEXT‐proaudio.


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