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Ayrton’s Huracán LT and Diablo for Another Brick in THE WALL – Part 5 at Østre Gasværk Theatre

The historic Østre Gasværk Theatre in Copenhagen is the first theatre in the world to secure the rights to produce, conceptualise and perform Another Brick in THE WALL ‐ Part 5 as a piece of musical theatre.

Lighting designer, Jeppe Lawaetz, chose 24 Ayrton Huracán LT and 8 Ayrton Diablo as major lighting components in this highly technical production which includes 8 programable winches for flying aerial artists, 4 lifts, a full surround setup, a full tracking system of all performers and musicians on stage, 121 lighting fixtures and a projection setup of twenty‐seven 12,000 ansi‐ lumen projectors that create a 180° projection surface.

“Because of the distances involved, we needed a very powerful fixture with a narrow zoom,” explains Lawaetz. “Having previously used Ayrton Eurus fixtures and found them to be a cost effective and reliable solution for musical productions, I turned again to Ayrton products, and VIGSØ (VIGSØ SALES is Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Denmark) suggested the Huracán LT. As one of the most powerful fixtures on the market and with a zoom range all the way down to 3.5°, it proved to be an excellent choice for this production.

“For many of the scenes in this piece we used the Huracán’s ability to make a very narrow and even tight beam, creating pillars of light and thereby creating a ‘room within the room’. And for applications like these, where the lights are visible and part of the set, I especially appreciate the aesthetic appearance of the large front lens on the Huracán.”

Photo © Østre Gasværk Theatre


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