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Ayrton Perseo withstands the weather & fills numerous roles at 2021 ESPY Awards Show’s Rooftop venue

An outdoor event in New York City in July has to be prepared for all weather contingencies. So when lighting designer, Bob Barnhart of 22 Degrees, was hired by BTW Productions to light the 2021 ESPY Awards show on the The Rooftop at Pier 17 at the Seaport, he chose Ayrton Perseo fixtures to comprise the bulk of the lighting rig.

Perseo is an LED moving head profile whose IP65 enclosure rating makes it the ideal choice for outdoor use. Ayrton lighting fixtures are distributed exclusively in North America by ACT Entertainment. “The Perseos big function was as key light – the first time I was using them in this capacity,” says Barnhart. “I was able to colour correct them properly, get very clean edges and blend the lights together very well.”

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