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Ayrton Khamsins dominate Tom Kenny’s rig for “The Who Hits Back!” 2022 tour

Following their smash pre‐COVID “Moving On!” tour, one of the world’s legendary bands is on the road again with “The Who Hits Back!” 2022 tour. Lighting Designer Tom Kenny selected a compliment of active Ayrton Khamsin fixtures, provided by Solotech Las Vegas, for the rig. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

“I’ve been fortunate to have used Ayrton fixtures before, whenever I came across them,” says Kenny. “Solotech offered me Khamsins for this tour, and I remembered how much I love them – they’re so much brighter and have all sorts of resources not found in other fixtures I’ve used.” The Khamsins dominate what Kenny calls “a very old school” rig of five trusses above the stage. “The Khamsins serve as the main key light, light the band and add eye candy,” he says.

“They remind me what moving lights are for with their crisp optics, color temperature and framing capabilities. The Khamsins work very well with the cameras for IMAG: The blues don’t affect the cameras as much as other fixtures I’ve used. And they are very quiet, too – the audio guys love them; they’re perfect for any kind of theatrical work. For “The Who Hits Back!” tour Fuji Cortina is the Programmer; Lestyn Thomas the Crew Chief; Tom James, Nate Plotsky and Dave Heard the Lighting Techs; and Cecil Nelson the Dimmer Tech. At Solotech Dean Roney is the Account Representative and Eamonn McCullagh the Project Manager.


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