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Ayrton Domino S and Perseo Profile hit the road with Coldplay on Music of the Spheres World Tour

Coldplay has completed the North American leg of their “Music of the Spheres World Tour” where Ayrton Domino and Perseo fixtures illuminated the stadium show from coast to coast. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

“Misty Buckley and Phil Harvey, the Co‐creative Directors of the tour, developed a production design and creative direction inspired by Pythagoras’s Music of the Spheres theory,” says Lighting Designer Sooner Routhier of Sooner Rae Creative. “There’s a specific diagram that displays the arcs and movement of the solar system and its celestial bodies that we leaned on for inspiration. Thus, the architecture for the lighting design and the cuing of the system is heavily based on spheres, circles and arcs.”

Routhier chose 66 Ayrton Domino S and 74 Perseo Profile fixtures for her lighting design for the unique show. Upstaging Inc. of Sycamore, Illinois, the lighting and trucking vendor for the tour, provided the fixtures.

Routhier positioned 24 Perseos on top of the large, upstage moonrise screen, a videowall in the shape of a moon or sun cresting over the horizon. Forty‐eight more were on audience PA delay towers at Front of House. Twenty‐four Dominos were positioned on the floor upstage in front of the moonrise screen, ten served as side lights from the stage pylons and 32 were across the stage apron and side satellite stages. “We used them for large gobo looks, to paint the audience in light and as general effects lighting,” says Routhier. “We love the fixtures.

They’re punchy, have an incredible assortment of beam and gobo features, and they’re rated IP65. Because of the band’s sustainability efforts, we worked hard to choose companies with healthy, eco‐friendly practices and fixtures that could withstand the elements. IP65‐rated fixtures meant fewer manhours spent swapping out fixtures, less transporting of parts via post, and fewer parts used to fix lights that can’t withstand the weather.

We’re also very impressed by Ayrton’s sustainability practices as a manufacturer.”

Shaheem Litchmore, who acted as the Lighting Operator and one of Lighting Programmers, declares that, “From start to finish these fixtures worked their magic. Different systems of Perseos and Dominos were creatively orchestrated to provide accents to the music and create an all‐around vibe.”


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