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Ayrton Diablo a theatrical force at Goodspeed Musicals’ 42nd Street revival

Goodspeed Musicals, a professional musical theatre located in an historic Opera House on the banks of the Connecticut River in East Haddam, Connecticut, is using 15 Ayrton Diablo S fixtures from PRG for its new production of 42nd Street, the tale of the chorus kid who becomes an overnight star, that’s filled with a hit parade of songs and dance.

ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

The revival of 42nd Street is the first theatrical production for which PRG has supplied Ayrton Diablo S. The musical marks the first time that New York‐ based lighting designer, Cory Pattak, has designed a show for the Opera House, although he has previously worked on shows in both of Goodspeed’s spaces. It’s also the first time he has used Ayrton fixtures.

Pattak had noticed theatrical colleagues starting to use Ayrton fixtures and was interested in exploring the product line when he attended a vendor showcase featuring Ayrton luminaires. Earlier this year PRG offices worldwide committed to an investment of more than 1,000 automated LED luminaires from Ayrton. PRG USA added Perseo Profiles and Beams, Khamsins and Diablos to its inventory.

Pattak mounted 11 Diablo fixtures in the overhead grid where they provide down light, back light, gobo washes and specials. Two are positioned on the balcony rail for drops and scenery, and two more are on FOH box booms for lighting the actors. “I love how bright and uniform the Diablos are. They have an incredible zoom, and the colours are great,” Pattak reports. “They’re so versatile that they work for everything I need: a tight back light, a nice soft wash and gobo wash.”

All four FOH fixtures operate in silent mode, an especially important feature for the two Diablos on the balcony rail, which are just four or five feet from the heads of audience members. “The fan mode is so super silent that people never hear it; the fixtures are essentially invisible from that standpoint,” Pattak notes. “And the Diablos are just as bright and effective in silent mode, so there’s no issue about making compromises.” He also likes the fixtures’ dimming curve and great colour.“We do lots of slow fades, and there’s no drop off on the bottom as with some LEDs,” Pattak says. “I know it sounds like I’m gushing, but I think Diablo is great,” says Pattak. “They’re the ideal workhorse fixture for off‐Broadway or regional theatres – smaller houses where you can’t use big moving lights. But maybe I should keep how great Diablo is a secret or they won’t be available the next time I need them!”

Photo © Cory Pattak


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