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Ayrton appoints VIGSØ Sales as its new, exclusive distributor for Denmark

Ayrton is very happy to announce the appointment of VIGSØ Sales ApS as its new exclusive distributor for Denmark, with immediate effect.

VIGSØ is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of technical equipment for the event, production, theatre and concert industry. VIGSØ Sales is a part of VIGSØ Rental which had grown into an important player in the dry‐hire industry before opening a sales and distribution division in 2021. Since 2022, this has been run by Kenneth Jakobsen who brings many years of industry experience to his role. The company has already taken a significant stock of Ayrton Cobra, Eurus and Domino LT fixtures into its inventory.

“The advantage of having a dry‐hire and sales company under the same roof is proving to be very effective for our customers, especially when delivery times are under pressure when it has proven helpful to have a rental division for additional support,” says Jakobsen. “Our clients can also be confident we can supply their one‐off production needs from our rental division.”

VIGSØ will be responsible for the supplyand support of the full range of Ayrtonproducts across the Danish market. “We’re very glad and excited to add Ayrton to the small and carefully selected range of brands that we focus on within our sales division,” confirms Jakobsen. “The market has been talking about Ayrton for a long time, so when the opportunity came, it was really a no brainer. There are a very limited number of brands that are capable of driving development and new technologies in the way in whichAyrton does. Having known Ayrton and the team behind it for many years ‐ as well as seeing how they continue to follow the path they laid out years ago and keep delivering technically innovative, high‐quality products ‐ just makes it even more exciting to be part of the Ayrton family.”

VIGSØ’s plans for the brand are based on Ayrton’s versatility as well as its quality: “Ayrton products suit the live and event market, including TV shows, really well – but we will also be bringing them to theatre and opera houses where the high quality of the light and low noise level are really important,” concludes Jakobsen. “We are already out looking for additional salespeople to help us push the message of the Ayrton brand even more.”

“At Ayrton, we are committed to providing the most innovative products and dedicated services to our customers,” says Ayrton’s European Sales Director, Matt Hallard. “That's why it was important to take our time to find the best fit for Denmark whilst finalising a wider strategy and focus for our Scandinavian owners and operators. With Kenneth’s and VIGSØ’s combined dedication and experience, not to mention a good stock of Ayrton readily available in dry hire, we are well positioned to show the Danish market what Ayrton service truly means.”


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