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Ayrton appoints Pro‐AVL as new, exclusive distributor for Vietnam

ProAVL’s founder, Mr. Le Manh Thang

Ayrton is pleased and proud to announce Pro‐AVL as its new, exclusive distributor for Vietnam. Founded in 2011 by Mr. Le Manh Thang, Pro‐AVL is the exclusive distributor for many leading brands of sound and lighting in the Vietnamese market. This well‐ established company also consults, designs, supplies and installs goods, and provides after‐sales service for their customers across leading theatres, television companies, event centres and entertainment complexes, and rental and event companies.

Ayrton products are well known and well respected by Pro‐AVL which was part of the reason behind the new agreement. “For a long time, Ayrton has been a well‐known quality brand used by many lighting designers,” says Mr. Thang. “Part of AVL's mission statement is always to aim for the highest quality products for our customers, which makes the Ayrton brand and their products the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

The company is extremely enthusiastic about Ayrton’s products and philosophy: “LED technology really overcomes the limitations of products using traditional lamps,” continues Mr. Thang. ‘However, in order to truly replace the old products, new products must be continuously researched and developed, and Ayrton’s strength lies in its leading position in the development of intelligent LED products.”

Pro‐AVL is ready to roll and keen to develop its market and promote Ayrton. “Our initial plan is to distribute lines that are considered suitable for the majority of the Vietnamese market, in addition to which we will also select other Ayrton models to suit specific project requirements,” says Mr. Thang.

“We will invite our famous lighting designers to record videos for product review and have a series of open demo programmes planned in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh. We are eager and ready to spread the word about Ayrton products on all our projects, with the aim of really improving the quality of shows around the country.”

“We are thrilled to have Pro‐AVL as the exclusive distributor in Vietnam as they are excellent to work with,” says Ayrton’s Vijay Thaygarajoo. “The Pro‐AVL team is very reputable in the market and will bring Ayrton headfirst to the vibrant Vietnamese market with their professional and hard‐work approach. We are looking forward to a dynamic partnership.”

(left to right): Ayrton’s Mr. Vijay Thaygarajoo with ProAVL's own Women in Lighting Huong Nguyen, Ngoc Truong and Loan Tran on Ayrton’s Prolight+Sound 2022 booth

Pro‐AVL can be contacted at: Eurowindow Building, 27 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay Hanoi



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