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AVL WORLD Magazine: JULY 2023 Available Here

New Issue of AVL WORLD Magazine Now Online


  • Upstaging Lights Chicago’s Salt Shed With Elation

  • Over 600 Robe moving lights help dazzle at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

  • Ayrton Cobra beams for VNV Nation’s Electric Sun European Tour

  • Cameo lights up Palace of Westminster

  • Jesse Lee Stout and Sooner Routhier reflect mood of Muse tour with CHAUVET Professional

  • Lewis Capaldi tours with over 170 GLP flexible hybrid LEDs

  • Claypaky fixtures energize the crowd for Bagossy Brothers Company in Budapest

Editor's Choice:

  • Ayrton Argo 6 Wash & Argo 6 FX

  • Robe iBeam 350™ & iTetra2™

  • LD Systems MAUI G3

  • and many more products...

Regular Features

  • Appointment News

  • Live & Stage News

  • System Integration News

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