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Artmix invests in JBL Professional tour sound system

Seoul‐based live production company, Artmix, has invested in a new JBL Professional Tour sound systemas well as amplifiers from Crown. Both product brands, owned by HARMAN Professional Solutions, have a long‐ standing reputation for performance excellence and reliability.

The JBL sound system which includes 96 units of the VTX A12 dual 12‐inch line array loudspeakers, 48 units of the VTX A8 dual 8‐inch line array loudspeakers and 48 units of the VTX B28 dual 28‐inch subwoofers, will allow Artmix to continue takingon large‐scale projects such as music festivals and concerts. Artmix acquired their new sound system through TechdataPS, HARMAN Professional’s authorized distributor for Korea.

“The delivery of such a large‐scale sound system to the largest rental company in Korea is significant and officiates the beginning of a business partnership between TechDataPS and Artmix,” commented My Boyoung Oh, Vice President of TechDataPS. “Artmix has solidified its position as the best touring rental house in Korea and their confidence in the VTX A Series is a testament to JBL Professional’s superior quality and functionality compared to its competitors.”

Established in 2002 as a pro‐audio equipment rental house, Artmix has grown into one of Korea’s leading entertainment and systems integration companies, with a fleet of 40 capable audio engineers and an impressive roster of K‐POP artistswho engage their live concert production services. “Artmix engineers have a lot of experience using premium systems on K‐POP tours overseas. JBL VTX systems are one of them, and they've always sounded great,” shared Mr Jun Park, Executive Director of Artmix. “I would say that the VTX A‐Series is comparable to other premium products in terms of design, rigging tools and setup processing. The VTX A‐Series is a very reliable speaker system and you can be confident in the sound quality.”

The JBL Professional VTX A Series features proprietary JBL woofers and their latest‐generation high‐frequency transducer and waveguide technology, provides unmatched performance, efficiency and a patented JBL rigging mechanism and redesigned suspension system streamlines deployment and setup.

“We are thrilled to welcome Artmix to the JBL Professional Tour Sound family. It is an exciting opportunity to have the concerts of some of the world’s biggest artists in K‐POP powered by our cutting‐edge VTX technologies,” beamed Amar, VP & GM of HARMAN Professional APAC. “The combination of JBL’s unrivalled sound quality and the professional production capabilities of Artmix will offer audiences inspiring new live experiences.”


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