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Anolis reveals new brand identity

Leading LED and architectural lighting brand Anolis – a Robe business – launches a crisp new brand identity including stylish visuals and optimised website ahead of the release of its exciting new Calumma range of products. This follows the growth and expansion of Anolis’ business over the last two years and its close alignment to and connection with entertainment brand Robe which is the innovative soul of the company. The new streamlined and contemporary Anolis look reflects the changing nature of installation lighting and technology. It underlines the enhanced commitment to sustainability, creativity and invention which has always been at the heart of Anolis since its launch in 2005. The new brand identity is designed by creative agency KHS and is led by a new logo. The original chameleon is retained as a fine detail in the form of a stylised eye in the upper right hand corner. The new ident is visible throughout the new product catalogue, and is tailored to the creativity of architectural lighting design. Swiss Style has been applied with typically clean fonts and a pure grid layout with simplified icons for more emphasis. Architecture – the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures – is supported via each chapter title and the main ideas behind each product. Together with a set of fully redesigned core products and the new Calumma range, the new branding will help take Anolis to the next level of lighting for any built environment project. This complex and dynamic range of Anolis products has been developed to offer more integration into building elements with in‐grounds and smaller low voltage fixtures, as well as compatibility with industry standard architectural control protocols like DALI. There is also a focus on additional high quality white light options. All the products are proudly designed and manufactured in Europe for the best quality standards and outstanding service and support.


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