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Andreas Bünemann relies on ONYX lighting control for Gentleman

Lighting designer and operator Andreas Bünemann is using the ONYX lighting control platform from Obsidian Control Systems to run a large lighting rig for German reggae artist Gentleman and says he wouldn’t turn to any other system. “Our choice is the Obsidian ONYX system and it will be going forward,” stated Bünemann, owner of full‐service rental company Bam Bam FX of Germany. For the Gentleman tour, Bünemann had at his disposal 36 wash lights, 36 beam fixtures, and 36 LED pixel tubes, along with a floor set of blinders and moving lights. The LED pixel tubes, arranged in 1 x 1 meter squares at differing heights, were an effective canvass on which to run visual effects. “I would have needed a video server to do that but with ONYX and the built‐in Dylos it was no problem.” He says there are aspects of lighting control that it has made much easier such as the speed of a simple fly in for example. “Before, it would take a bit of programming time but with Dylos it’s easy to do using a simple preset.” All control data for the show ran through a NETRON EN12™ node from Obsidian Control Systems, a powerful 12‐port Ethernet‐to‐DMX gateway. Bünemann says that he has also added an NX2™ to the Bam Bam FX inventory, Obsidian’s compact yet fully integrated lighting controller, which he says he can take with him when he travels by plane anywhere in the world.

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