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AMX HydraPort®

Architectural Connectivity Modules for USB‐C to HDMI Retractable Cable Connections and USB‐C Charging

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, video and control systems, announced three new AMX HydraPort USB‐C modules to ensure that modern conference spaces and users have all the connectivity options needed to empower impactful meeting space collaboration. A new USB‐C to HDMI Module with Retractable Cable provides a dedicated video connection for outputting content from laptops and mobile devices to in‐room video networks. Additionally, two new USB‐C charging modules are available – with or without an included power supply.

No matter what type of A/V, power, or networking connection you need to support today’s meeting space collaboration needs,the industry‐ leading and award‐winning AMX HydraPort Architectural Connectivity System most likely supports it with a variety of chassis sizes, finishes, and over 50 global‐friendly modulesto choose from.

The new USB‐C to HDMI Module with Retractable Cable delivers digital video in resolutions up to 4K@60Hz. With a retractable USB‐C cable on top of the table and an HDMI output underneath it, this solution simplifies connecting modern laptops and mobile devices to your video network. The compact, easy‐ to‐install solution organizes and hides cables in virtually any type of conference table, including narrow tables and those with glass inlay.

The two new USB‐C charging modules provide both USB‐C and USB‐A connections with charging capability to the HydraPort chassis. The power symbol on the modules makes it easy for users to identify that power is available.

The HPX‐USBC‐US65 includes a two‐port power supply with US‐style, Type A plug, capable of providing up to 65W over USB‐C, and up to 30W over USB‐A. The HPX‐USBC‐100 provides all the functionality of the HPX‐USBC‐US65 but does not include a power supply and can be combined with a user‐supplied power supply, compatible with any global power plug standard.

Click this link for more information at‐av103‐usbc‐r


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