Penn Elcom GmbH Expands Operation


Penn Elcom GmbH in Germany has moved to a new 8,000 square metre premises in Elten, north Westfalen just 10 kilometres from the previous warehouse – and over double the size! From this hub, the company distributes over 1700 product lines and hardware including 19 inch racking, flightcase components and loudspeaker elements directly to B2B and B2C customers all over Europe. The new facility will assist the busy operation in continuing – and streamlining – the efficient and fast delivery of products worldwide which are manufactured by Penn in the UK … for which the company is renowned. It was imperative to stay in the same regional location explains Dennis Marco Meertens, co-MD of Penn Elcom GmbH with Thomas Mostar. “Elten is perfectly positioned for expedient onward transportation and delivery to our local and regional sales teams – a very successful model devised to best understand specific cultural needs, demands and variations – which represent a variety of different market sectors,” he commented. This made finding suitable premises that bit more challenging, however this excellent opportunity then presented itself. Penn Elcom’s markets in Europe have remained solid over the years, and become extremely buoyant in the last two and a half, with the launch of the Penn Elcom Online sales portal at the start of 2016. Overall, the European market is very good and sales continue to grow, so Penn Elcom GmbH is confident about the future. “It definitely looks bright!”confirms Dennis.

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