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Peitsman Goes Mega

Hans Peitsman is not generally a man who does things by halves … unless the half precedes “a million euros” of course, which is approximately how much he has recently invested in new Robe lighting fixtures. It is a substantial spend for the successful Rotterdam based rental operation Peitsman Licht en Geluid (Peitsman Lighting & Sound), which has been ploughed into 36 x MegaPointes, 48 x LEDBeam 150s and 48 x Spiiders. Hans had been waiting for Robe to come up with exactly the right products to compliment their inventory before making his next big investment and this arrived with the MegaPointe and LEDBeam 150 both launched last year. “The MegaPointes were a complete ‘no brainer’ of a decision, especially for festivals and dance events” he stated. It was the MegaPointe’s size-to-features ratio and Robe’s commitment – for some years now – to producing smaller, lighting and brighter fixtures that really impressed him and has kept him loyal to the brand, together with the superlative service from Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux. He echoes the fact that MegaPointes are currently “Rider friendly and being constantly requested” and that the thought-process is paying off in terms of enabling them to quote for larger and higher profile projects meeting contemporary designer specs. Hans feels that all the Robe product ranges have moved into a new league in the last 5 years and is looking forward to what’s up next on the R ‘n’ D drawing board!

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