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Over 600 Claypaky fixtures light up Singapore’s National Day Celebrations

The Singapore Bicentennial National Day Parade was held on 9th August at the iconic Padang landmark and in total more than 1050 lights were used, with Claypaky fixtures totalling 602 units. These comprised 262 units of HY B-EYE K25, 208 units of Scenius Unico and 132 units of Mythos 2. Two grandMA3 full size consoles, complemented with seven MA3 processing units were responsible for the show control. The show’s lighting design was handled by Michael Chan and Mac Chan (not related). Lighting programming was done by Michael Chan and Tejay Yeo. With regards to the choice of the Claypakys, Michael reported that the designers had two requirements. One was that they needed 1,400 to 1,700 watt fixtures to illuminate the faces of performers. “It happened that the Unicos were one of the brightest that we could get.

The other requirement was for a multifaceted lighting fixture that not only allowed for ultra bright pixelated LED effects, but also worked effectively as a wash. The K25s fill the bill perfectly. Each fixture has 37 LEDs, so I can have 37 pixels per light. At its smallest zoom, it offers 80,000 lux at 5 metres – that is very bright. So, I zoomed it down to the tightest angle and used it for beam effects as well. Its performance was very impressive.” The event marked the first time the designers had used the K25s. “We have used the K20s. They are good fixtures, but not quite bright enough for a big arena show like this. In comparison, the K25s were very bright. When we used it to do effects, the effect were highly visible, not only on camera but also to the live audience. We also used a lot of the built-in macros to do things like the spiral effect, pixelated effect and even zoom rotation. To sum it up, the lights performed magnificently,” said Michael. The Claypaky fixtures were supplied by local production house Showtec International.

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