Outline Performs Brilliantly in Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) in Mumbai is a venue that delivers a great music experience for those who come to play in the city’s chic Woli area. HRC is legendary for its rock music but the recent invasion of dance music in the Indian scene has put the JSM Corporation – the franchise owner of HRC in India – to revamp the old loudspeakers to a new integrated sound reinforcement solution from Outline – a high-end Italian-audio manufacturer.

Calling upon the expertise of White Eagle Entertainment, the design team helmed by Mr. Arun Kalra, knew the audio configuration that would work well for this venue. “The design process was done with Openarray (Outline’s proprietary design software) with help from Outline and our office,” said Arun.

The audio configuration uses four Doppia 9075 cabinets with four DBS18-2 i subs for the main PA and in the back round. As the venue remains the same the client had decided to change the stage to the opposite side to do the live acts and DJ performances. White Eagle Entertainment has done over four venues for JSM Corp in the past two years and the franchise owners are extremely satisfied with the new Outline speakers as they commented: “We [JSM] have been using Arun Kalra and his team’s services since the inception of our first Hard Rock Café in Mumbai and they have given us a great level of support along with technical inputs over the last few years. I am happy to say that our new Hard Rock Cafe which White Eagle Entertainment has specified, designed and installed with an Outline sound solution Sounds truly amazing!”

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