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One Third Hangzhou gets sweet with Robe

Hangzhou’s nightlife scene has just been enriched with the opening of a brand new One Third club destination. At the heart of designing the stunning lighting and visuals associated with the One Third identity is creative director Daan Oomen and his team from Netherlands based Live Legends. Having a ‘named’ European manufacturer associated with the main lighting fixtures is essential to the One Third brand architecture. The Robe count is 346 in total, made up of 210 x Spikies, 130 x VIVA CMYs and six T1 Profiles. Daan and senior LD Serge Patist chose to work with so many Robe fixtures because they were bang-on for getting the desired effects and because of their power, durability and impact. The T1s are used for specials on the DJs and live acts appearing onstage, selected for their adaptability, good shuttering and excellent zoom.

As the Spikie wall is a signature design element of the One Third brand, they wanted to integrate this iconic piece into the Hangzhou set, but differently and in an upgraded version. To make it more dynamic and eye-catching, the wall became a triangle. The 210 Spikies make up one side of a hi-impact triangular-shaped rotating wall, which has LED panels mirrored on the reverse and can be flipped as the evening gets going. The VIVAs are dotted around in the whole room, most on tracking beams. Around 3km of RGBW LED strip is integrated into the lighting design mainly accentuating the shape of the room, with 300 small LED lights to illuminate the décor, plus around 400 1-cell blinders. LED screens extend the physical décor pieces, and these ‘windows’ enable the audience to be transported into a succession of other worlds. Lighting is controlled by grandMA2, video via a disguise server and there is also a laser system with Pangolin control. All these plus the motion controller are integrated into a series of time coded visual showcases that play out throughout the whole environment.

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