OCUBO and AV Stumpfl Make Lisbon Shine Under the Stars


Built between 1389 and 1423, the Convento do Carmo now stands in ruin but is nonetheless an iconic structure in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. Nestling on a hill overlooking Rossio Square and facing São Jorge Castle in the Chiado neighbourhood, the now Carmo Archaeological Museum is a popular attraction for tourists and residents alike – and therefore the perfect backdrop for renowned Portuguese multimedia company OCUBO to stage its latest immersive spectacular: Lisbon Under Stars – Immersive Spectacle. Nuno Maya is co-founder, CEO and artistic director at OCUBO – which has successful event credits to its name both internationally on home soil. Lisbon Under Stars was entirely driven by the creative studio outfit, as Maya explains: “Our recent video-mapping projects have grabbed a lot of attention both in Portugal and abroad. We’ve been creating large scale shows here in Lisbon since 2013 when the city council saw the opportunity to attract more tourists. With Lisbon Under Stars, we took the initiative to put the show together as an independent cultural project in support of the European Year of Cultural Heritage – and celebrate the city’s unique history in a very innovative way.” With an eight week run from May to June, two shows nightly (except Sundays) used a unique combination of 360 degree digital animation, live action and special effect projections – taking spectators back in time to experience the history of Lisbon over 600 years. People were free to walk around the 1,900sqm vast site and immerse themselves in Lisbon’s history from different vantage points as it unfolded in all its glory on Carmo’s walls. We were 100% independent from concept to content creation, from technical set-up to operation, from “audience management to communication. One of the things this creative freedom allowed is for us to work with ambitious technical solutions which push the boundaries of what is possible – like AV Stumpfl’s Wings Vioso software, which is very reliable,” says Maya of the creative process. Maya is in no doubt that the execution of OCUBO’s creative was reliant on the Wings Vioso software. “This was a very ambitious and unique project on a creative and technical level as we delivered almost a hundred 45 minute shows over a two-month period in a 360 degree, 1,900sqm location. The perfect video-mapping result was only made possible thanks to the fine-tuning of Wings Vioso’s warping tools. We needed a platform capable of handling huge amounts of data files across multiple servers. Thanks to its networking capabilities, the AV Stumpfl system helped us to transfer, manage and synchronize all the video files. The mapping complexity was also extremely high but the warping tools and setup merging options in the software allowed us to do it with relative speed and ease versus the size of the task.”

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