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NovaStar participates in Jakarta AV Week

NovaStar participated in Jakarta AV Week in Jakarta, Indonesia, held from 9-11 October 2019. NovaStar was not only an exhibitor, but NovaStar’s Vice President, Dr. Aaron He was also invited as the keynote speaker. At this show, NovaStar showcased their NovaPro UHD Jr, C1, N9, MCTRL4K, and also brought NovaStar’s high quality image solutions. NovaStar’s high image quality solutions solve many issues that can plague image quality, such as: grayscale loss, color cast in low brightness, and incorrect color display. This method of improving image quality can be thought of as NovaStar’s “Image Quality Engine.”

This “Engine” relies mainly on three technologies: 18bit+, Precise Grayscale, and Color Management. 18bit+ improves detail of grayscale, Precise Grayscale improves accuracy of grayscale representation, and Color Management improves color correction and allows for accurate representation of color. These technologies can all be found on NovaStar’s A8s and A10s Plus receiving cards. The perfect image: It’s in the cards. The topic of Dr. He’s presentation is “The Future Trend of Control System with The Popularization of Finer Pixel Pitch”. He explained how ’LED displays will become ubiquitous with the arrival of 5G.’ The ultimate goal of displays is to provide an immersive visual experience that integrates with mMCT. For LED control systems, the best path to this goal is through providing ‘more pixels’ and ‘better pixels’.

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