Nordic Rentals Invest In MegaPointes And Spiiders


Nordic Rentals – one of the largest and most influential rental companies in Denmark – has recently made its first major Robe investment with the purchase of 50 x MegaPointes and 26 x Spiider LED wash beams for rental stock,a decision driven purely by “demand” explained senior sales and project manager, Tue Knudsen. They already have around 800 moving lights on board, but Robe is trending as a brand and they want to keep pace with what’s new and spiffylicious! “It’s a big investment” agreed Tue, “however the massive demand for the fixtures enables a quick ROI making the products very attractive.” He also mentions they had been looking at ways of reducing their annual sub-hired rental costs … and owning more of the products being spec’d is one approach. The Robes were therefore purchased not for a specific project but because they are currently ‘hot products’ of the moment. “Everyone
in Denmark wants MegaPointes and Spiiders!” he declared. The MegaPointes were out of the warehouse door the day after they were delivered by Robe’s Danish distributor Light Partner … and are currently not due
back until the autumn. Tue himself still works as an active LD for a Danish band and this enables him to really appreciate why certain fixtures are doing well.

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