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Nick Ho adds new dimensions to G12 Asia Conference with ChamSys

As time passes, events and the lighting designers who work for them year after year often seem to develop a shared sense of how to approach the job at hand. Such is the case of Singapore-based LD Nick Ho and the G12 Asia conference. Like his client, which is constantly looking for new ways to engage worshipers, Ho refuses to rest on his laurels. Although his big, multi-faceted light shows have earned widespread praise from the conference’s attendees and its Technical Director, Dennis Thien, Ho is always working to make them more compelling. This year, he and his programmer Justin Poh upped the level by doing something they’d never done before: pixel map their rig’s washes. Creating this new design with the 78 wash fixtures in their rig was made much easier, they say, by the pixel mapping features in their ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro. “This was the first time that we have tried pixel mapping washes for such a large scale event,“ said Ho, noting that the conference, which was held at the Singapore Expo Hall, drew 10,000 people. “The pixel mapping functions in our ChamSys works very fast, which was good, because Justin wound up creating looks on site during the conference. “Pixel mapping the washes added another dimension to our show,” continued Ho. “Having the simple low res animation effects run across the back line truss created very engaging looks.” Ho and Poh had 409 fixtures run across 24 universes in their lighting design for the conference. Their lighting filled a variety of roles, requiring a versatile system, and a flexible attitude on their part. In addition to the MagicQ MQ100 Pro, Ho and Puh ran their lights on a Maxi Wing with a MacBook Pro. A custom designed MIDI Controller was also used. “This year, I introduced MIDI wing hardware to be used with MQ100 as an ‘extra fader wing,’” said Ho. “This wing sent MIDI output to ChamSys. There is a very useful Automation feature in ChamSys that allows you to assign any MIDI input command to trigger cues.

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