NEXO line array at heart of Seoul Light


Record-breaking crowds attended the first light festival of the year in Korea, where NEXO’s new GEO M12 line array was making its debut at ‘Seoul Light’ staged at the Dondaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul. Newly purchased by audio production company Plan 24, the M12 inventory was augmented by long-time NEXO user Way Audio, which ordered GEO M modules especially for this event. The entire outer wall of the DDP building becomes a gigantic exhibition hall during the New Year’s period. As the sun sets and the darkness falls, a large scale light show makes the most of the, DDP’s curved silver exterior. A powerful sound system is required to match the dramatic scale of the light show. Working together, Plan 24 and Way Audio supplied more than 50 GEO M12 line array modules. The design included 10 ‘towers’, each with 4x M12 modules, facing in opposite directions. Each of the towers was mounted on 2x MSUB18 subbass cabinets.

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