MYNALIGHT creates a smart ceiling installation for Pan Pacific using VC-Dot 1 LED strips


To create an enchanting ballroom experience for weddings and special events at their luxury hotel in Marina Bay, Pan Pacific Singapore hired MYNALIGHT to design a dynamic LED ceiling installation using Martin by HARMAN VC-Dot 1 strips. “Lighting the ballroom for Pan Pacific Singapore was an ambitious project, which we approached in our uniquely collaborative style,” said Ms. Yaeko Hashimoto, Principal Lighting Designed, MYNALIGHT. “After much scrutiny and discussion with our experts, we concluded that Martin lighting fixtures would be ideal for the media effect ceiling they were looking for. It not only produces a spectacular lighting design, but turns the ballroom into a unique experience.”

MYNALIGHT decided to highlight the ballroom’s abstract, coral-inspired ceiling design by mounting 7,120 VC-Dot 1 creative LED pixels along the intersecting lines that divide the recessed portions of the ceiling. The VC-Dot 1 system form a network of more than 7,120 individual controllable LED media pixels, which are capable of displaying synchronized video effects in perfect harmony via the Martin Professional P3 system controller. The integrated P3 powerport 1500 provides both power and data for the VC-Dot 1 with the compact VCfeeders, driving each VC-Dot string in daisy chain methodology – setting up the system is a breeze. Martin Rush MH 1 Profile Plus fixtures added supplemental lighting to the space, and compliment any color scheme or effect with dual gobo and color wheels.

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